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Bike Tow Leash
Laura Hensel

Absolutely incredible. My dog loves it, we love it. Easy to attach to bike, and we even change it from my bike to my husbands very easily. My dog is so much happier now because he can get the exercise he needs. Wonderful product.

Wheelchair Bound Dog Walking

The simple act of dog working, not so simple when wheelchair bound. No more is that the case. So glad i found this product and now i can independently walk my own dog!
Fast delivery and outstanding assistance and guidance!

Bike Tow Leash Complete Package
Catherine Gerpheide
Great with E-bike.

I use this on the right side of my E-bike since my dog likes to be close to the grass off the road.
Only took 15 minutes for him to get used to it. He is an extremely active dog and this really does the trick to get him adequate exercise.
Customer service was extremely helpful in advising me on proper clamp to use.

Super product and service

This clamp works a treat and has already given me and the hound many happy adventures together. V. Supportive service from the team.

Bike Tow Leash
Lyucy Chase
I like it very much!

Unfortunately cannot provide pictures or videos... I like this leash very much! My 37lb blue heeler Lily seems to enjoy running while I bike. I tried a regular leash before and It was not comfortable and at some point dangerous, because Lily decided to play with a leash and a bike. Then I started to do research on what else is available and had found BTL. I was hesitant to buy it because I am on a low income, but I don't regret buying it – makes a huge difference. I do recommend BTL and hope it will last a long time.

5 star rating

My husband and I have Sun recumbent Trikes and the adapter that Mike made to fit them works great. I have a very high drive Labrador puppy who is about 9 months old now.
He still reacts frequently to dogs, people and critters and the tow behind leash with the adapter have stood up well to his lunges. I am very impressed with the engineering. We bought 2 adapters so we could switch the leash between our bikes, it goes on and off really easily. Teddy adapted to the leash quiet easily and it has saved my shoulder a lot of stress and strain. I recommend this product whole heartedly !


Love this, Got the tow leash last year and love using it with my dog. Got another dog so needed the coupler, brilliant. Second dog just followed big dogs' lead. Love the products love the customer service.
Thanks Michael. :)

Best on the market, a little tricky to install.

Great materials and craftsmanship, best all-around dog/bike leash on the market. I had a little difficulty figuring out the right combination for my bike but think I got it. Nothing wrong with design; it's difficult to try and design something universal for so many different bikes, generations and iterations of. Took me a couple times of installing and removing to figure out best method. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to get one.


I got this to use on the left side of my Giant Trance x pro 29. I fits fine without harm to my disc brake. I used a small piece of yoga mat material to protect my frame as well. The first few rides it needed slight tightening but now it’s settled with the frame and it’s staying tight. I check before every ride anyway. My old GT Palomar 2001 didn’t need the chainstay adapter, I got it when I updated my bike. My shepherd husky mix and I love riding everyday.

Simply The Best

It’s hard to imagine how something so seemingly simple can work so well, but it just does. It gives my dog just the right amount of freedom to move around and safely navigate obstacles on the trail while still keeping her away from the bike and harm. And no matter what she does, it doesn’t affect my balance on the bike whatsoever. It works almost like reigns on a horse in practice, too. My actions on the bike nudge her one way or another, telling her where to go and allowing her to run in harmony with me. It’s a wonderful tool that allows me to spend quality time with my dog and allow her to do what she loves safely. Worth every penny!

Love it

Perfect to walk my small dog

The best bike leash device

I've tried several such devices, with bad to mixed results.

The bike tow leash is by far the best: easiest to mount on the bike, solid attachement, most comfortable for the dog; it gives some leeway to the dog, but not enough to have the animal get too close to the wheel. Really great product.
Only problem: shipping costs for Canada are prohibitive, shame they don't have a distributor in Canada.

Love it, love it!

It works as well as I'd hoped it would. My pup is 96 lbs and I feel like I really have control, which is a great relief.
I have a trike and the adapter was easily installed.
I tell everyone about the tow leash, it's hard to believe it isn't made by Elves! Thanks so much.

Bike Tow Leash
Allen Sellars
works great

This is our second one. We have 2 bikes. I works fantastic.

A+++ Collar and Tow Leash!

We purchased the collar to go with the tow leash and are beyond pleased! The collar is not at all flimsy. Made really well. Our 9mo pup is about 41 pounds and works great on her.
The tow leash is beyond an answer to prayer! She is getting the exercise she desperately needed that walks and I alone could not give. My husband has the tow leash on his bike and I follow and lead
and it has been GREAT! HIGHLY recommend!!! Brilliantly designed, well made!

Bike Tow Leash
Timothy Leonard

The bike tow leash works great! It was so easy for the dog to use, it seemed as if it were "natural" for a Husky/German Shepherd.

Super bike accessory! My husky LOVES it!!!

What a great product! Easy to attach, easy to use, keeps my husky at my side and away from the wheels. Very ingenious.


The repair was remarkable, just like new again, 24 hour turnaround. And as always, a pleasure to speak with Mike about my Vizsla and our time on the trail!

Bike Tow Leash
Daniel H.
Great product!

My 80lb Deutsh Drahthaar and I love this product. Easy connection, keeps him on task and due to its low tie point to frame, minimizes lateral forces when he lunges for a tumbling leaf. A neighbor is ordering one now after seeing it in action...he had recently purchased a rigid, seat post mounted unit.

Well worth the money

Tired dogs are good dogs!

Blue heeler and heeler/Jack Russell mix. They love solo rides with the BTL. It took them about 10 minutes each to learn to run solo with me. The coupler took a little longer, maybe 1/2 hour. I think they were trying to race each other yesterday. 2 miles between 6 and 11 miles per hour! I hardly pedaled.

My only suggestion is that, with harnesses on, the BTL and the coupler put the outside dog a little too far forward and perhaps prone to attempt a crossover in front of the front wheel. So, maybe my BTL could be a couple of inches shorter. I know it depends on the size of the bikes and dogs. BTW, I have them on the right hand side (safer for traffic) on a Zizzo, 20 inch folding bike. It’s great for traveling and camping.

Handy addition

I had gotten one for the right side because of the gears. I recently bought a 2nd one for the left side. The left side finctioned without it, but it made it so much easier to pop on/off. I have 2 dogs with very different stamina, so it helped to be able to quickly remove it and get back out there.

The way my bike was built also made it easier to get a tight fit with this attachment; putting the BTL directly on the bike bars would sometimes loosen up (not that it caused trouble during a ride, but so next time I had to tighten it a bit.

Great product!

The bike tow leash is great way to exercise my malamute husky cross dog. The design is so stable that I do not fall off, even when he pulls hard towards another dog or person. His pulling has caused me to come to a sudden stop a few times, but once I get his attention, we are able to quickly resume our ride. I am very pleased with this purchase.

An Excellent product!

The bike tow leash is excellent! It is so easy and quick to install on any of my bikes. My dog loves it! He took to it right away, and anytime we need to get out for a quick energy burn, he's ready to go...just hook him up. He runs safely beside me and there are no issues whatsoever. We're both happy!

Definitely appreciate a replacement kit instead of having to replace the entire assembly!

It took a while to get the alcohol to loosen the cover per instructions, but once we got the amount right it went really well.

It is Great!!!