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Definitely appreciate a replacement kit instead of having to replace the entire assembly!

It took a while to get the alcohol to loosen the cover per instructions, but once we got the amount right it went really well.

So far it seems to be holding up to my dog’s incredible pulls when he sights another dog . Working on that behavior !

Well made . Not sure about dog slipping out . I still use his training collar as added security.

Love the product. Well made, simple to install and most importantly, our dog loves it. I used to ride with one hand on the bars and one hand on the lease. This is much safer, hands down.

I actually ordered The Bike tow leash and the quick mount so it total more than 150 bucks. I was promised for a refund for shipping n handling but got refunded for quick mount shipping only otherwise happy with this product

Great leash. Does what it says. Our dog was running in front of the bike when he saw dogs and now he’s safely running next to it at all times. It made such a huge difference! Very pricey, but if you are going to take your dog out on the bike a lot, this is the way to do it.

Great product my dog loves it

The BTL works great, in fact amazingly great. My dog learned to cooperate with it in a very short time, and really seems to like it. I like being able to give him a good workout in so little time. Most of the training required has been for me; I've had to learn to get on and off the bike differently from the way I am used to. I also really like how easy it is to install and uninstall.

I gave it four stars for two reasons. First, it would not fit the bike I intended it for, which was a ~12 yr old Kona Dew Plus. This bike has seat stays that are considerably thicker than the chain stays. The combination of asymmetry of stay diameter and disc brake clearance made it impossible to mount the clamp on the left side of the bike. Fortunately I had two other bikes that the clamp fits just fine.

The other issue is price. Don't get me wrong, for what this thing does it is well worth the money, but given how little there is to it, it seems like it should cost less. I'm always just a little embarrassed to say how much it cost.

Really easy to install and super sturdy. It shipped super fast and my dog is getting the hang of it quickly.

I have had this product for nearly a year. I have a 40kg GSD who is dog aggressive and a 20kg Belgium Malinois. This product is simply awesome. It is well designed and amazing quality. My bike is stable when riding with my GSD when he reacts to other dogs. I have found he is getting less aggressive as time goes by as he has no choice but to move with me away from the other dog.
To get it sent to Australia meant the price was just over $400 aud but I have to say I would pay that amount again because this is such a strong quality product that has done wonders for my dogs and I.

just what i needed!

This is such a great product! So easy to use and incredibly safe and comfortable for both dog and rider. The team adjusted to suit our Great Dane and it works as brilliantly for gentle rides around the park for bigger dogs, as it does for adventurous smaller dogs.

Was perfect and easy to assemble,

Been using this for several years. Bought a replacement and love it for taking my 2 labs along on a bike trip.

We wanted the Complete Package so that our dog would run on the right side of the road and our bike would be between passing cars and our dog. We had a few questions during our assembly, and customer service was phenomenal. It's nice to know that company's still answer the phone and want to help you be successful with their products!

This is our second Two Leash -- they are great for giving our energetic dogs the exercise they need...

Works Flawlessly on my 2018 Santa Cruz - Bronson Carbon Frame

This was needed when I upgraded my bike. Only used a few times but works great.
Awesome product. Unfortunately due to covid, costs for shipping to Australia were higher than expected but BTL worked with me to try and make it as affordable as possible so I could still purchase the product.

This has been a life-saver! My dog loves the exercise.



Great, well made product. Does not allow dog to upset the bike’s balance.

This product is a game changer for wheelchair users and their dog makes the daily walk safer

Great product. Easy to install. Feels very safe to use.