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Best out there!

Great design and has enough give to not hurt the dog or the rider.

Best Purchase Ever!

I absolutely love the bike tow leash. I have three dogs Labrador, Doberman, and Dalmatian and they love going for a bike ride. Best way to drain all of my dogs energy. Every time they see me go for my bike the wait right next to the gate. They picked it up so fast best purchase I ever made I wish I ordered it sooner.


Thanks for a fun safe way to ride with my 2 year old blue heeler. She's very smart and took to it right away. Keeps her focused and thinking about where she is.


My dog and I both love this product. I am very pleased. The literature states that it makes the bicyclist intent intuitive for the dog, I have to agree. My dog is no doubt a smart girl, with just over a week's worth of rides under our belt she has learned simple voice commands as left and right. One concern of mine is the black coupling that attaches the metal mount to the leash. Time will tell how it holds up.

Bike Tow Leash
Heather Bye-Kollbaum
My Biking Buddy

My Aussiedoodle is 18 months old and loves to be right by my side all the time. Our Bike Tow Leash is perfect! When I received it, I kept my bike in the house for a few days and trained him to get used to connecting his collar to the Bike Tow Leash and taking it off. We have had two short test rides so far in our neighborhood and it's been perfect! I love the design, the quality of the product and the safety around the product. I appreciate that it is designed and manufactured in the USA. Ordering was a breeze and I was confident in selecting the proper attachment bracket after consulting the online bike spreadsheet. Installation was great - we went with a right mount (to provide distance for my dog when we pass fellow bikers and walkers on the trails). The hardest part for me was selecting the color! :) I have a red bike and chose the yellow bar as it's a color dogs see clearly. This is going to be an amazing biking summer in Minnesota!

Oh My Gosh….

I have a 14 month old Golden Doodle who has tons of energy. He picked it up right away. It’s so easy to feel how your dog is doing, if he wants to run faster or slowdown. He figured out the turns liked he’d been doing this for years! :-)
The Bike Tow Leash has been the best purchase for our dog. Happy dog, tired dog!

Quick service to n the BTL repair!

Great customer service and fast return of our BTL! Even better than new! Thanks for being awesome!


I love this thing! My rambunctious dog (45 lb Wirehaired Pointing Griffon) that is prone to lunging and pulling runs along in perfect stride. Doesn't yank me around, my dog took to it pretty much instantly! I took away a star because I've had trouble getting it to stay in place and not shift, which says more about me than the actual BTL. I found the instructions sort of tricky for a right side mount. Cars slow down to watch us whiz by and ask about it. What a fantastic way to drain my dog's energy and have a super fun and safe time doing it :)

Bike Tow Leash
John Olenick
Great product

I currently have a Service Dog and when walking with her she is used to being on my left side so now I’m working with her and the bike with her on the right side. Put the bike leash on the right side of the bike for her safety while riding is side streets. I know she’ll adjust to it but weather has slowed things down some!

Quick connect

This was a great addition for the tow leash as it now allows me to not only remove the tow leash quickly, it allows clearance on the right side of the bike for the chain. I also took mine and had a friend power coat it black to match the other parts on the bike.

Bike Tow Leash
Madelyn Messner
Happy Herding Dogs

Our border collie and Australian cattle dog love the Bike Tow Leash! When it first arrived I planned to do a quick test ride around the neighborhood. When I noticed how instantly comfortable myself and my dogs were with the BTL, we ended up riding for 10 miles! This product is sure to provide us with years of safe adventures with our dogs. Remember to keep a close eye on your pup’s paw pads and always bring extra water to keep humans and dogs hydrated! Thank you Bike Tow Leash!

Bike Tow Leash
Sharon Rio
Outstanding Product!!!!

I just can't say enough good things about the bike tow leash. I have 2 German shepherd dogs that I use it with. They both get so excited when I get out their harness that I use with it. One of my shepherds is more of a sight hound than a herder. The other day we were riding around and a huge squirrel ran out in front of us. My dog went crazy and tried to lunge for the squirrel. Fortunately, she couldn't go very far and I just felt a very tiny tug and we just kept on going. I feel very comfortable using this because I know that both my dog and myself are very safe.


Just tried it out with nice weather outside. Worked great with golden retriever.

Bike Tow Leash
Darrell Scott Potter
Better than expected

It took a little effort to fit my bike, its a growler fat bike, but was able to figure it out. It's been an awesome peice of equipment right out of the gate. As soon as the single track dries I'll put it to a hard test, but for now snow covered rail trails will do

Adult trike adapter

Husband had to modify fo my bike. The clamps were to small. So had to get a bigger size. But works great my dogs love it have one on each side or both in one side.

Outstanding Product!!

Use the Bike Tow Leash to keep my bird dog in shape for hunting season. He loves it and goes crazy when he sees me break out his harness. Definitely recommend this product.

Bike Tow Leash
Craig D.
Great product, and customer service!!

The day I purchased and attached this leash to my hybrid bike, over 2 years ago, Wally (my 85 lb 5 year year old Boxer/Great Dane/Hound mix) LOVED it. He was happily running along side in under 20 seconds. I have biked thru cities, and on paved and unpaved trails. BTL works fantastic!! Mike (the inventor) is also extremely responsive. 2 weeks ago a fluky thing happened - Wally zigged and I zagged and the leash got caught on a short cement pole (100% my fault). As designed, the hook part of the leash broke away so Wally was no longer attached to the bike. I went down but I was going rather slow so no harm to Wally, myself, or the bike, but the leash needed repair. I called the number on BTL's website and Mike answered from his cell while travelling! He explained they have a $45 repair/refurbish option. I shipped it back to him and I had it back in my possession in less than a week - fully repaired. I couldn't be happier with the product and the service. Thank you Mike!!

Ranger loves his bike leash

Ranger is a 55lb 6 year old German Shorthair who wants to go for his run everyday/ He goes and sits by the bike and waits. He has a harness and that means "GO RUN" to him, When we get in the driveway and I shut the door he starts hollering till I say GO. I do not have to peddle my bike as Ranger runs down the taxiway and up and around our side of the airport which is a little over a mile. The only time I peddle is when we have a strong headwind and then he needs a little help from me. It is a fabulous product as I feel safe that when Ranger sees a rabbit or something else of interest he can not pull the bike out from under me. LOVE LOVE our Bike tow Leash. Fabulous Product which we use everyday that the weather permits.

My dog and I LOVE this bike leash

I tried a couple other bike leashes that didnt work either on my bike or for my dog. We both love this leash. Now my dog can go with me on my carbon mountain bike. Ni more sad looks when I head out on my bike

One running Vizsla

Started using a B-T-L when my Vizsla turned 2 y/o. She has been tethered for a walk, a trot, or a run for about two miles five days a week. She sets the cadence. No incidents relative to use.of the B-T-L. Remarkable device!

Bike Tow Leash
Laura Hensel

Absolutely incredible. My dog loves it, we love it. Easy to attach to bike, and we even change it from my bike to my husbands very easily. My dog is so much happier now because he can get the exercise he needs. Wonderful product.

Wheelchair Bound Dog Walking

The simple act of dog working, not so simple when wheelchair bound. No more is that the case. So glad i found this product and now i can independently walk my own dog!
Fast delivery and outstanding assistance and guidance!

Bike Tow Leash Complete Package
Catherine Gerpheide
Great with E-bike.

I use this on the right side of my E-bike since my dog likes to be close to the grass off the road.
Only took 15 minutes for him to get used to it. He is an extremely active dog and this really does the trick to get him adequate exercise.
Customer service was extremely helpful in advising me on proper clamp to use.

Super product and service

This clamp works a treat and has already given me and the hound many happy adventures together. V. Supportive service from the team.

Bike Tow Leash
Lyucy Chase
I like it very much!

Unfortunately cannot provide pictures or videos... I like this leash very much! My 37lb blue heeler Lily seems to enjoy running while I bike. I tried a regular leash before and It was not comfortable and at some point dangerous, because Lily decided to play with a leash and a bike. Then I started to do research on what else is available and had found BTL. I was hesitant to buy it because I am on a low income, but I don't regret buying it – makes a huge difference. I do recommend BTL and hope it will last a long time.