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Bike Tow Leash
Suzanne Brayer
Love it

When we got our second pup, a HIGH energy Aussie, who came to us with no previous training (couldn't even walk on a leash), we knew we had to do something. We already had a bike tow for our first Aussie, so, of course, we knew to get a 2nd bike and 2nd bike tow for our bundle of enthusiasm. He immediately took to it. All I have to say is, "Wanna go for a ride?" and he is at the door. What a life saver for him and for us. Thanks.

Update: extra clamps are wrong size

After a call back from Bike Tow Leash, I found that the Leash arm itself has a slot hole on one end, so by cutting the blue plastic just a bit, I can easily attach the extra clamp with the Leash arm. Works great. Great service. (old and incorrect: The extra clamps I bought to move my Bike Tow Leash to another bike are not sized correctly. The holes are closer together than on the Leash. )

Works great

I love this!! I've used a dog bike attachment that hooked to the seat post for almost 20 years. This is a much better product. It's more stable with the lower center of gravity. The dogs do great with it. I just bought a recumbent trike with an aluminum frame and the mechanic warned me not to let the dogs pull me--that it could damage the frame or torque the axle--but that's just a dog training issue. Highly recommend Bike Tow Leash.

Bike Tow Leash
Racheal Thompson
Safe in the road

Easy to put when you read the instructions. This was reccomended by Todd Langston and worth every penny. Thank you both. The weight of me sitting on bike holds everyone in place even when the squirrels are hopping. I like that I can hook it to the back of my seat when I m just riding or storing in garage.

You’re awesome

Received the new bike tow leash and loved the stronger design. I was coached to slow down so my Boxer doggie doesn’t run around the back. It worked and I’m so thankful for an even stronger one that will last and keep him safe. Thank you!

Single Dog Package
Melissa Andersen
Best Thing Ever!

This product works! I am so happy that I purchased it. I highly recommend it.

Great product

This is my third one. I have a trike with one on each side. My husband just got a trike and this is for his. Will be getting another. Have to save because they are pricey but worth it. A………

Well designed and safe bike attachment

I got the bike tow leash, as other options resulted in neat crashes when my dog pulled. Because this attaches lower and on the back of the bike, her pulling doesn’t throw off my balance, and she’s learning to run much more smoothly now as well! I’d worried about the risk of her getting caught but the design prevents that as well! Now my husky mix can really enjoy running all out with me in a safe manner!


I spent time taking my dogs on individual rides on the bike with the leash buddy prior to buying the coupler. The dogs have been loving the coupler! They run right next to each other and the tubing makes it so they don't get tangled. 5 stars, this is a game changer for taking the dogs on a bike ride together.

Bike Tow Leash
Bob Petrovic
SAFELY biking with my GSP!

Before I knew the Bike Tow Leash existed, I tried biking with an elastic type leash around my waist. After running over my poor dog's front paw/leg TWICE (both times she darted in front of the front bike tire chasing a rabbit that crossed our path) I vowed not to bike with her again unless I could do it safely.

After little searching, I quickly found the Bike Tow Leash online. Read the reviews, watched the videos and ordered that day. It arrived a few days later. Easy to install. I've had it for about a month now and this product has exceeded my expectations!!! The functionality is incredible! Even when my 1 year old GSP sees and tries to run towards rabbits/squirrels/birds, the design nature keeps her safely in line and does not physically allow here to cross in front of the front bike tire. I'm so happy I found and purchased this product! Highly recommend!

Need well trained dogs

My dogs are great alone, but not good with the coupler. They are both pullers, I've tried them both inside and outside, but they just trip over eachother and it's a hazard. They just can't figure out how to run side by side with this thing. I'm sure it's just my dogs, and more than likely works with dogs that know how to run next to eachother, but it doesn't work for my dogs.

We have 2 dogs we use this with and they absolutely love it! It’s so well made and I feel nothing with our big dogs.

Saved us.

We love this bike leash. It was recommended to us by our dog trainer for our husky. We are working on loose leash, walking and not having tons of success. I was worried that the pulling would cause stability issues on the bike. But after two minutes of training by walking alongside her, and then two minutes of slow riding beside her, she picked it up immediately. And we were off on a short 1 1/2 mile ride. I have never seen her so happy! It also makes training easier after she has gotten a bit of exercise we’ve only taken it out a couple of times, so I can’t comment on the longevity , but it seems well-made and designed to last.

Excellent Product! I would highly recommend it!

This is one of the best products we have ever purchased for our dog. We have a 2 year old whippet that we run in FastCAT and Lure Coursing. We are not capable of jogging and it has been an issue trying to condition our pup. The Bike Tow Leash adapted for our Lectric XP Trike is the perfect solution! The dog stays safe and we can now give him consistent exercise. The company was easy to work with in customizing the trike adapter for the Lectric XP Trike as it is brand new on the market. We’ve passed other dogs and my dog looks at them but the BTL kept him on track. He has seen cats and squirrels that he has attempted to chase but again the BLT kept him on track!! Thank you for making this excellent and useful product!!


The BTL is great! I had another style/brand bike leash connector that was always moving and my setter would pull me sideways. The first time out with the BTL was awesome. The pulling was low and super stable and he followed my commands a lot better. I finally have a way to exercise him sufficiently during the off-season. Exercise is crucial to keeping working/hunting dogs well behaved. I’ve had days where his gps hunting collar had recorded him running 20 miles while we were hunting so running is critical. Bird dogs have a lot of stamina.

Enjoying The BTL

I havnt learned yet how to handle my dogs reactivity, but my dogs still need to get out of the house, before getting the BTL i barely made it around the corner, needless to say they didnt get an outing they crave, since ive gotten the BTL we have gone up too two miles, were learning together, i have extreme anxiety, that could be part of the reason of my dogs reactivity, again what ever the case is they still crave to go on a hike, outing run etc...the BTL is an odd looking thing, but boy can it make our outings possible, were getting better at our outings each time we use it, i played music on my phone and sang with the music, that seemed to help me relax quite a bit, even my dog seemed more calmer, i was even so calm that the dogs who were barking as we passed by got a be-u-till-full hi from us and they seemed to give back a virtual high five, i was so proud of my self on our ride that i can actually have my dog out on a two mile run, and my dog is much more relaxed when we get back. the BTL has me feeling like a kid again even though im 60, im also 250 lbs and quite out of shape, so having the BTL is heloing not just the dogs but me as well, i have two large dogs and two small dogs, i take a small dog in the basket which a small crate fits inside of the basket, and the large dog is on the BTL, i make the trip two times at least, every morning when i get up i feel the weight of my body and think oh you cant do it, but then i look at the dogs and say you have too, you better do it, they need it so much, then when were all ready to go i am so happy we are out, it feels exhilirating to knowdogs are leaving our nest

The best wheelchair leash ever made.🤩

I appreciate all the hard work that went into making the BTL dog leash for people who are wheelchair bound.
It has given me so much hope, joy and safety with taking my Toy Poodle for a walk. It’s good to know that people with disabilities can enjoy life with their pets.Thank you so much.🤩🐩

The Best Leash for people in wheelchairs🤩

I appreciate all the hard work that has been put into designing the BTL. It has given me the opportunity that I would not have had, that is taking my Toy Poodle out and about for walks.
It’s wonderful to know that people in wheelchairs have the safety and joy of being able to have fun times with their pets on walks.

Replacement Knobs
Richard Giambruno
Fina product that lives up to its promises!

The Bike Tow Leash is just what I needed to keep my dog right beside my wheelchair without the leash wrapping around my tires. I am not joking when I say the old leash would wrap around my tires 20 plus times a day. Now that problem is 100% GONE! Worth every penny. Also gives my dog better feedback in direction and he now walks and behaves better. What a great product...I have recommended it to friends and family already!

This thing is amazing!

Recently bought this leash because I just cannot run fast enough to tire out my ACD mix on our daily walks. The installation is so easy and quick, took 5 minutes. Then we got the pup to see what he would think of it and he took to it immediately. He absolutely loves his bike rides! With how the leash is formed, it makes it so that he can move around a bit but not enough to get inbetween tires. I am amazed at how little pull from him that I feel, so I feel very safe and don't worry about being toppled over (he is 50lbs and still growing) if he gets to excited by something he sees. Our days are going so much better after getting this leash! He is so much calmer. I just wish I hadn't thought about the purchase for so long before commiting. It is so worth it!

Bike tow leash review

We received our bike tow leash nicely packaged. The company owner gave us the recommendation to buy the additional mounting bracket which we did. It was simple to install I mounted everything to the bike frame using 2 Allen head screws. The bike frame had 2 threaded mounting holes on it already. Adjusted the height for my dog and he loves running on it. Good quality materials and workmanship

A must for different bikes.

Thanks to the seriously down-home support I received, I was able to learn I needed all 3 different clamps if I wanted to use my various seven bikes. For now, I have just used this one on my Trek cruiser. It work great. People all around my neighborhood literally stop and watch me ride with my two dogs, and wonder about what I am using on my bike. I feel like I should have a T-Shirt with Bike Tow Leash on the back so people can check it out on their own.

Best Purchase of 2023

I had this in my cart for weeks contemplating wether I purchase or not. I finally bit the bullet and wished I bought sooner. My border collie absolute loves this, he is now able to run as fast as he likes and he safe and so am I. I highly recommend this product.

Best dog bike leash I have ever used

we bike with our dogs all the time, but recently upgraded to the Bike Tow Leash to run with our GSP. The install was super easy, and the customer service is awesome.
The leash itself is the best I have ever used. It positions the dog perfectly next to the bike, and continues to keep the dog at a safe distance to the bike, even when I turn. It is also super flexible, so it allows the dog to move freely and does not interfere with the running of the dog.