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Please Contact Us if your ride is not on the FIT CHART (CLICK HERE)

Bike Tow Leash

Bike Tow Leash

Bike Tow Leash

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What's Included With This Price? 
  • Durable Pre-Assembled Bike Tow Leash for years of enjoyment
  • SMART ARM automatically provides loose leash reward for correct position beside you while communicating direction and speed changes.
  • Standard Clamp fits bike left side & single sprocket right side.  Check Fit Chart
  • Installation Instructions, on product, online and in videos
  • A Safe Way to Social Distance with Your Dog
  • Fit Dog trimming Nails while you ride! 


Other products risk bike tipping, dog impaling, entrapment, tangling and inadvertent release!

Dogs learn safe dog biking with the Bike Tow Leash® in just a few strides.

The standard 29-inch length and keeps your dog a safe distance away as you ride!


The Left-Hand side adjustment comes standard to fit on the left-hand side of your bicycle with the clip facing forward so that you and your dog adventure together side by side!

  • Most Metal frame Bikes and even Tadpole Trikes can work with The Bike Tow Leash on the Left side.
  • Please Check our Fit Chart to be sure you get all that you need for Left hand Dog-Biking!


The Right-Hand side adjustment is simply the outer clamp rotated inside the black coupling, so the clip end of the Bike Tow Leash points forward when mounted on the right side of your bike. 

  • PLEASE NOTE; If you have multiple rear sprockets, gears and rear derailleur, you will need either a Quick Mount or Chain Stay Clamp to avoid the chain. 
  • Click on the Fit chart link and scroll down to find your bike.   
  • You can adjust your Bike Tow Leash, for use on either side and for different dog sizes using the alcohol adjustment method found in bike tow leash instructions number 3.

If not sure of which side you want it on you can also make this adjustment yourself later using #3 on our instructions.


This Fit chart is used as a purchasing guide for Bike Tow Leash attachments. If your bike is not listed, it does NOT mean your bike won't fit a Bike Tow Leash. To figure out what you need yourself, the quick mount requires 5/8 of an inch flat area forward, above and below the rear axle. If not enough flat area for the Quick Mount, the Chain Stay Clamp is your next option. Please contact us with bike photo, make and model, if you have any questions about fitting your bike, adjustment and what you may need to attach the Bike Tow Leash. 


Made in the USA, the robust Bike Tow Leash® is shipped directly from its source in Orlando, FL where it is sustainably produced utilizing Solar and geothermal energy. 


*This is the Bike Tow Leash with the standard clamp special attachments sold separately.


BTL Highlights

Bike Tow Leash biking on narrow trails, fun drone video, Iron Paws Champions, trikes, wheelchairs and scooter.

Teach Your Dog to Bike With You

Watch the Modern Dog professional trainers thoroughly go over how to train your dog to use the Bike Tow Leash! Most Dogs learn in a couple of strides, but some Dogs need a little help.


Sawyer Learns Bike Tow Leash

On popular CBS TV show "Lucky Dog" Brandon very conservatively teaches Sawyer biking. Most dogs naturally learn the Bike Tow Leash instantly and do not need all these steps, but if there are unknown issues with a rescue etc., these are wonderful solutions.

Bike Tow Leash Easy Installation and Safe

See Models demonstrate BTL easy installation and safe use.

Daily Dogs Enjoying Dog Biking with BTL

Daily Dog Goose is uses the BTL and a special collar to enjoy trails and cool off.

Bike Tow Leash Installation on Suspension and Disc Brake Bike

Tutorial for Bike Tow Leash installation onto a full suspension mountain bike with disc brakes. Instructions provided with each BTL show more mounting methods on other bike frame configurations. There are many other ways to mount BTLs on this and other bikes, trikes, mobility scooters and wheelchairs in tutorials to follow. Contact us through for your special applications and questions.

Bike Tow Leash in Action

Check out the official video of the BIKE TOW LEASH!

Bike Tow Leash Nature Edition

See the Bike Tow Leash in action in this nature edition.


Bike Tow Leash - Two Dogs on Single Track Trail

Watch as two dogs drop behind on a narrow path with the Bike Tow Leash as well as the BTL Coupler.



Bike Tow Leash --Two Dogs on Right Hand Side

Watch two dogs on the Bike Tow Leash get exercise in the city.

Two Dogs Pulling / Towing a Bike!

Loyal customer Kevin shares the view from his bike while his two dogs pull him.

Bike Tow Leash: Alcohol Adjustment Tutorial

Tutorial: Mast Height Adjustment using Alcohol


Bike Tow Leash Demonstrations

See How Easy The Bike Tow Leash is to Use!

Chain Stay Installation


Quick Mount Installation Video

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Customer Reviews

Based on 74 reviews
Tracy R.
Game Changer!

Bought the bike tow leash to exercise my 4 year old Vizsla who never ever gets tired. She took to it immediately and looks forward to our rides. We took it camping and had no problems with distractions. If she pulls I barely feel it. So happy we got this and now have a new way to exercise together. I also purchased the right side attachment and collar. Happy customer!!


Best thing since sliced bread. If bread was your dog and the knife was the Tow Leash

Great and Secure.

Much safer way to exercise my husky. With the BTL, my dog can't pull the bike over or go in front of the tire. The BTL is much more secure and comfortable for both rider and dog,
Easy to install.
Much better than the ones that attach under the seat!

Lucy’s human
Day 1 went great!

1st day huge success. We walked two laps around the RV park and road once around the park and then walked once more. So far calling it a success and very happy and very hopeful. Thanks for making a great product. Appreciate you! Lucy’s human

It works very well with my Dogs.

The Tow Leash works great for my dogs,. Unfortunatly, I need to use the leash to hook him up, rather than a harness. He can get out of the harness in a second, just by sitting down. I should have named him Houdini.