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Q:  I see the Bike Tow Leash can attach to the right side of bikes.  How do determine what I need for my bike? 

A: Take a look at our fit chart

There are 3 ways; 

1)  If you aren't sure which bike you will use, want to upgrade soon or rent.  Simply order the Right Side Bike Tow Leash Package.  This will provide all you need to install on any bike.  Yes, left side as well.  

2) If you do know which bike or other mobility devices you want to use, Click on the Fit Chart link above.  Scroll down alphabetically to find your bike, trike, chair  or  mobility scooter listing in that order alphabetically., then right to see photos.   The chart will indicate what is needed for attachment for left then right sides.

3) If you don't find your bike etc.  on the chart, you can still easily determine what to order with these simple steps;

a) If your bike has a single rear sprocket, the standard clamp will have plenty of room to clear the chain.   Order only the  Right Side Bike Tow Leash.

b) If your newer, lighter,  bike frame is made of carbon fiber and/or has flat sided chain strays order the Chain Stay Clamp with your Right Hand Bike Tow Leash.

c) For older style bikes with steel or aluminum frames, order the Quick Mount.  Just check there is 5/8 inch [16mm] flat or open area around the rear axle.

d)  If for any reason you are still not sure what you need to order, special needs etc., email make, model and photos to: info@BikeTowLeash.com We will gladly help with your order.  

Q: Does the Bike Tow Leash work on a carbon fiber frame?

A: Yes. We recommend the Chain Stay whether mounting on right or left. The chain stay protects the frame.





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