1-Running-Dog Bike Tow Leash®

Safe, Stable & Easy To Use!

Featuring a Patented Design

Discover What Makes The Bike Tow Leash® One of a Kind

BTL Product Focus (don't edit)
  • Keeps Dog & Rider Safe

    Dogs learn safe dog biking with The Bike Tow Leash® in just a few easy strides.

  • Exercise With Your Dog!

    Dog cycling has never been so easy.  Enjoy a safe workout with your 4 legged friend :)

  • Fits Dogs 10 to 185 lbs

    The specialized durable design of the Bike Tow Leash®  allows it to fit dogs 10 to 185 pounds with ease.

  • Best Overall Value

    Unlike other unstable products and dangerous designs The Bike Tow Leash® keeps you & your dog safe, no matter what.

See It In Action!


Great product. Brilliant way of tiring out a dog full of energy, I've had it on roads, woodland trails, hill walks and on the beach in the last 3 years. It's worth every penny I paid. Miah loves seeing my helmet come out as she knows a cycle is coming and she likes nothing more than covering ground at a faster pace than walking with her pack leader. I'd recommend this product to anyone who wants a healthy dog physically and mentally. The product is simplicity at its best no hi-tech awkward fittings just plain and simple. I have it 3 years and it is as good as it was the day I got it. I like the fact that even if you are cycling without your dog the bike tow leash can remain on the bike and not be in the way. Hats off Mike for a great product.

Hello again, I've been taking my husky out every evening since I got my BTL. She loves it and so do I! People that see me riding down the street stare and smile. One car actually stopped to tell me that they thought the bike leash was cool and that they wanted one as well. I told them the name of it and hopefully they'll be getting one soon. Thank you so, so much. I can tell that my dog is so much happier now.

Hi, Mudgee is the 1/2 year old Australian Cattle Dog we recently rescued at a shelter. We've had her for about 3 weeks now and are realing that I am not able to give her the exercise she craves when we go walking for about an hour a day. My wife and I had been avid bicyclists several years ago, and I've always wanted to get back to my riding health. I did some research online looking for a way that I could bike and bring Mudgee along. There are a number of different bike leashes out there, but the Bike Tow Leash made the most sense of them all. 

We have a 1yr old Australian Cattle Dog named Jett and we were having a difficult time finding exercise that challenged him. A lot of the things we tried Our dog trainer suggested Bike Tow Leash and after reading the brochure and watching some videos, we decided to try it. I decided to hook it up to my Specialized Rockhopper. Jett took to it immediately and was running beside my bike right away. He tried to run over to another dog and I thought for sure his abrupt change in movement would affect my bike, but it did nothing to interrupt the movement of my bike. Both times he tried to run toward another dog, the Bike Tow Leash kept both Jett and I safe (I wasn't pulled over and the one time he ran toward my front tire, it prevented him from touching it). We've used it several times now and he's a pro at running alongside the bike and the look of joy on his face is just wonderful. He's so happy that I actually find myself laughing at the look of joy on his face as we ride through the neighborhood! This is the best thing ever for us and for Jett. My only regret is that we didn't buy it sooner!

I just realized, this is our second year of daily use of the bike tow leash on my « fat bike » with Zoey, our golden doodle.  Soon it will be winter here and the fat bike-BTL combo will keep Zoey and I going through the cold and snow.
The product is flawless, safe and very enjoyable to use.  Our time riding on the mountain trails has become priceless. You helped us create a wonderful lifestyle.