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Bike Tow Leash Complete Package

$212.00 $220.00 saving $8.00
Bike Tow Leash Complete Package

Bike Tow Leash Complete Package

$212.00 $220.00 saving $8.00
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Complete Right or Left side dog bike leash installation kit. On right side, on multi rear sprocket bikes, clamp can hit  the chain. Not sure which adapter you may need?  Be ready for any Bike, rental or upgrade with this complete set of adapters included with the Bike Tow Leash pre-adjusted for right side as well. For bikes with and without disc brakes, steel, aluminum and carbon frames.  

Note: Both the chain stay and quick mount are not needed for the same bike. This package allows you to have all the right pieces for any bike.

Package includes;

1) The Bike Tow Leash adjusted for right or left side so that it points with the clip forward when mounted on the right. 

2) The Chain Stay Clamp used primarily on lighter design aluminum and carbon fiber bike frames.  The bike's chain stay (frame between pedals and rear wheel) must have flat or taller sides to prevent clamp rotation.  Absolutely recommended for carbon fiber frame bikes as their axles won't work with the Quick Mount and for added frame protection.  

3) Quick Mount used for heavier, older bike frames made of steel or aluminum having a minimum of 5/8 inch [16mm] flat area surrounding the rear axle.  Can be used with quick release axles and older designs having just a hex nut on a 3/8 inch [10mm] diameter solid rear axle.  

Customer Reviews

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Chris Steiner
Best on the market, a little tricky to install.

Great materials and craftsmanship, best all-around dog/bike leash on the market. I had a little difficulty figuring out the right combination for my bike but think I got it. Nothing wrong with design; it's difficult to try and design something universal for so many different bikes, generations and iterations of. Took me a couple times of installing and removing to figure out best method. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to get one.

Brian Wilkey
Simply The Best

It’s hard to imagine how something so seemingly simple can work so well, but it just does. It gives my dog just the right amount of freedom to move around and safely navigate obstacles on the trail while still keeping her away from the bike and harm. And no matter what she does, it doesn’t affect my balance on the bike whatsoever. It works almost like reigns on a horse in practice, too. My actions on the bike nudge her one way or another, telling her where to go and allowing her to run in harmony with me. It’s a wonderful tool that allows me to spend quality time with my dog and allow her to do what she loves safely. Worth every penny!

Tudor Costachescu
The best bike leash device

I've tried several such devices, with bad to mixed results.

The bike tow leash is by far the best: easiest to mount on the bike, solid attachement, most comfortable for the dog; it gives some leeway to the dog, but not enough to have the animal get too close to the wheel. Really great product.
Only problem: shipping costs for Canada are prohibitive, shame they don't have a distributor in Canada.

Pamela Newton
Great product!

The bike tow leash is great way to exercise my malamute husky cross dog. The design is so stable that I do not fall off, even when he pulls hard towards another dog or person. His pulling has caused me to come to a sudden stop a few times, but once I get his attention, we are able to quickly resume our ride. I am very pleased with this purchase.

Jeremy Sisante

It is Great!!!