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Bike Tow Leash

Single Dog Package

Single Dog Package

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Everything we recommend for bike installations! Safely bike with your dog alongside you!


Complete Right or Left side dog bike leash installation kit. On right side, on multi rear sprocket bikes, standard clamp can hit the chain. Not sure which adapter you may need? Fits most bikes! Be ready for any Bike, rental or upgrade with this complete set of adapters included with the Bike Tow Leash pre-adjusted for right or left side. We recommend for you to buy the side matching the direction of travel to keep your dog(s) from the center path. For bikes with and without disc brakes, steel, aluminum and carbon frames.  Perfect gift for dog lovers! Get ready to ride safer with everything you may need for your bike(s)!

Note: Both the chain stay and quick mount are not needed for the same bike. This package allows you to have all the right pieces for any bike.

Package includes;

  • (1) Bike Tow Leash adjusted for right or left side so that it points with the clip forward on desired side.
  • (1) Chain Stay Clamp fits on lighter design aluminum and carbon fiber bike frames.  The bike's chain stay (frame between pedals and rear wheel) must have flat or taller sides to prevent clamp rotation.  Absolutely recommended for carbon fiber frame bikes as their axles won't work with the Quick Mount and for added frame protection. 
  • (1) Quick Mount used for heavier, older bike frames made of steel or aluminum having a minimum of 5/8 inch [16mm] flat area surrounding the rear axle.  Best to use with quick release axles and older designs having just a hex nut on a 3/8 inch [10mm] diameter solid rear axle. 

*Collar not included


BTL Highlights

Bike Tow Leash biking on narrow trails, fun drone video, Iron Paws Champions, trikes, wheelchairs and scooter.

Teach Your Dog to Bike With You

Watch the Modern Dog professional trainers thoroughly go over how to train your dog to use the Bike Tow Leash! Most Dogs learn in a couple of strides, but some Dogs need a little help.


Sawyer Learns Bike Tow Leash

On popular CBS TV show "Lucky Dog" Brandon very conservatively teaches Sawyer biking. Most dogs naturally learn the Bike Tow Leash instantly and do not need all these steps, but if there are unknown issues with a rescue etc., these are wonderful solutions.

Bike Tow Leash Easy Installation and Safe

See Models demonstrate BTL easy installation and safe use.

Daily Dogs Enjoying Dog Biking with BTL

Daily Dog Goose is uses the BTL and a special collar to enjoy trails and cool off.

Bike Tow Leash Installation on Suspension and Disc Brake Bike

Tutorial for Bike Tow Leash installation onto a full suspension mountain bike with disc brakes. Instructions provided with each BTL show more mounting methods on other bike frame configurations. There are many other ways to mount BTLs on this and other bikes, trikes, mobility scooters and wheelchairs in tutorials to follow. Contact us through for your special applications and questions.

Bike Tow Leash in Action

Check out the official video of the BIKE TOW LEASH!

Bike Tow Leash Nature Edition

See the Bike Tow Leash in action in this nature edition.