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We work hard to reduce our emissions. 


We reduce packaging waste by using recycled shipping materials whenever possible. We make sure our products are shipped in recyclable packaging and encourage our customers to reuse or recycle our packaging. 

Solar Energy

Our manufacturing and fulfillment processes are run on solar energy even electric vehicles. 

Donations to Animal Shelters

We help dogs become more adoptable by donating the Bike Tow Leash to several shelters. The use of the Bike Tow Leash creates better dog behavior. 

Encouraging Healthy Habits and Reduced Carbon Footprints

We encourage healthy habits with Bike Tow Leash with the ability to exercise with your dog regularly. Biking with your dog is also a great way to bond! Dogs show great pleasure going their natural pace instead of being held back. 

We also provide an alternative way for you to transport your dog to the dog park or vet rather than taking a car.