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Quick Mount for Right or Left Side Attachment

Quick Mount for Right or Left Side Attachment

Quick Mount for Right or Left Side Attachment

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  • Quick Mount Plate
  • 5 mm Recessed Nut + Washer
  • 6 mm Bolt + Washer
  • 5 mm Bolt
  • Instructions

For mounting Dog Bike Leash on right side of bikes without hitting the chain.  Provides extra ease of sharing the Bike Tow Leash between bikes, and rapid adjusting for different dog heights. Use requires minimum of 5/8 inch (16 mm) flat or open area surrounding the rear axle. For solid axles 3/8 or 9 mm diameter, with hex nuts on both sides, you need 1/4 inch (6 mm) available axle length.

Installed you will have 5 full turns of thread engagement on the nut. For bikes with quick release lever and 5 mm dia. skewers as shown, extra axle length is not necessary. Comes with a 5 mm recessed axle nut, 5 & 6 mm bolts to engage slot and threaded hole in frame for extra security. Instructions included.

Customer Reviews

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Handy addition

I had gotten one for the right side because of the gears. I recently bought a 2nd one for the left side. The left side finctioned without it, but it made it so much easier to pop on/off. I have 2 dogs with very different stamina, so it helped to be able to quickly remove it and get back out there.

The way my bike was built also made it easier to get a tight fit with this attachment; putting the BTL directly on the bike bars would sometimes loosen up (not that it caused trouble during a ride, but so next time I had to tighten it a bit.


Love the product. Well made, simple to install and most importantly, our dog loves it. I used to ride with one hand on the bars and one hand on the lease. This is much safer, hands down.


I actually ordered The Bike tow leash and the quick mount so it total more than 150 bucks. I was promised for a refund for shipping n handling but got refunded for quick mount shipping only otherwise happy with this product


This is such a great product! So easy to use and incredibly safe and comfortable for both dog and rider. The team adjusted to suit our Great Dane and it works as brilliantly for gentle rides around the park for bigger dogs, as it does for adventurous smaller dogs.


I wish it were an add on right when we purchased, so I didnt need to wait longer.